We often all have idols, people we consider heroes, stars, because they have been highlighted by success and have achieved great things.

But I sincerely believe that we are all everyday heroes. We all have our personal victories, and it is important to promote them to become aware of them and give ourselves confidence for the future.

Of course, our goals are all different, they may seem more or less important to others. But to set goals, you have to remain realistic. Setting expectations that are too high can quickly make us doubt ourselves, under penalty of thinking that we are not moving forward, then we do not achieve them and sometimes we think we will not recover from this failure.
Setting realistic goals goes through key stages, to realize that we are moving forward.
In business, we often set long-term objectives, but to make employees aware that the project is progressing and to motivate them, it is important to divide them into several phases, always with a precise aim. The employees who participate need to be valued for each small victory that contributes to the common goal. Being encouraged and congratulated regularly allows you to understand that you are moving forward and to want to give of yourself until the end.

For me, when you have dreams, it's the same. Putting too much pressure on ourselves and no longer seeing the end of what we are doing is not beneficial to us. Looking back, during my rehabilitation, every day was important, even if the end goal of walking again was not yet visible. If every day I had been told that it was too difficult, too long... how could I have done it? The team of doctors and those around me were there to encourage me, and I myself saw every progress, every day, which gave me motivation and the desire to fight until the end despite the difficulties.

Sometimes a goal takes longer to achieve than we wanted. But aren't work, perseverance and patience better than a half-realized dream?

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