#JEPEUX2024 with Axel ALLETRU

ENDUROPALE DU TOUQUET – Sunday February 4, 2024

Achieve the holeshot of the Enduropale du Touquet despite the handicap… or how to continue to believe in your dreams according to Axel!

Being the first paraplegic to take the start of the Enduropale du Touquet and perform the Holeshot in front of 1,000 able-bodied professional and amateur bikers is an adventure. #JEPEUX2024 !

Why adventure #JEPEUX2024 ?

To shake up the codes of a high-level sport by advocating the diversity of drivers.

Because despite his disability, Axel did not abandon his passions, his dreams or stop competition and sport... By taking part in this famous start with able-bodied pilots, he wants to prove that it is possible to approach sport in a different way, highlighting the diversity of riders, making motocross a sport offering everyone the opportunity to ride!

To inspire, give confidence, encourage people to achieve their goals, to believe in their dreams.
Prove that if we really want it…everything is possible / achievable!

Because if this adventure represents a real challenge for Axel, it is also and above all the realization of a childhood dream. A dream that almost faded away 14 years ago during his serious accident. Passing on its values and its history is a way for Axel to open the field of possibilities to those who no longer believe in them or whom we would like to discourage. Well beyond disability, this message is addressed to everyone. With #JePeux2024, Axel gives us back his possibilities but also ours individually and collectively...and more broadly those of our society!

To carry a message of hope, concerned with social, societal and environmental issues: what is possible for Axel can be possible for each of us and more broadly for our entire society.

Because by associating his challenge with a national event, Axel shows that what he was able to make possible for himself (surpassing himself, walking again, cycling again, getting back on a motorcycle, etc.), is also possible on all of our scales:

  • In the integration of diversity at the heart of our personal and professional lives
  • In the inclusion of people with disabilities within organizations and society in general
  • In the acceptance of difference/differences
  • In the possibility of being a motorsport driver and caring about the environment

The challenge #JEPEUX2024, What are we talking about ?

Because this new 2024 adventure, Axel wants to make it everyone's adventure! May these possibilities also be yours and that together we realize our wildest dreams...2 ways to participate in the Challenge #JEPEUX2024 :

  • Follow Axel on his social networks / Encourage him / Chat with him using the hashtag #JEPEUX2024 !
  • Send us your dreams, your aspirations, your challenges, big or small. Those that Axel inspired you or those that you have in the back of your mind. Those that give you confidence and make you grow, those that you have imagined for you individually, collectively or for your company. In video format, audio message or written to the following address: contactaxelalletru@gmail.com …Together, let’s share our possibilities for tomorrow!

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