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Axel Allétru shares his story through keynotes based on his resilience to paraplegia and his career asa high-level athlete.

This period of his existence allows him to reveal to you the lessons that life has given him. These lessons as well as his enthusiasm in the face of the various difficulties encountered, gave him the ability to accept and overcome the accidents of life – RESILIENCE .

His conferences are intended to be motivating , thanks to the strong messages that Axel wishes to convey. His sporting successes, his mentality as well as his journey rich in learning serve as a basis for providing the motivation and necessary perspective to the people who come to listen to him. The goal is to accept the difficulties of life in order to bounce back better.

One story, different lives, but the main message is the same : Behind the impossible, there is always a possible..


After titles of multiple European champion And junior world vice-champion from BMX, Axel evolves and devotes himself to motocross “My father promised me that if I was European BMX champion, he would buy me a motorcycle. Too bad for him, I was several times European champion…

A professional pilot, he is considered a great hope of French motocross , senior category. He quickly rose through the national ranks to represent France at the world championships MX2.

Unfortunately, his fall during the 2010 Latvian World Championship will decide otherwise and will mark a turning point in his life at the age of Only 20 years old .

Became paraplegic and now former champion motocross, Axel's ambition is not to abandon the world of motorsport that he loves so much.

Axel is not giving up yet and is launching into new disciplines: disabled swimming (where it once again becomes champion ), racing and rallying in ssv. This sport resembles motocross except that the vehicle is on 4 wheels.


After his accident , Axel does not feel able to stay without practicing sport. He therefore turns to disabled swimming .

Little by little, Axel is rebuilding himself a champion's record , but this time, in high-level swimming. His numerous victories allow him to join the French Handisport Swimming Federation after 3 years of training and competitions.

In addition to finishing 12 times French champions , Axel also won a title of European champion and distinguished himself on several occasions as a record holder over several distances.


Axel's passion for motorsport has never left him, to the point of launching a new big challenge! Axel's ambition is to win the Grand Dakar Rally by 2024 ! !

In 2016, his participation in the “ Race of Champions » from Pont-de-Vaux allowed him to take 2nd place. For the first time since his accident, Axel competes against able-bodied people . He doesn't stop there and in 2017, he participates in several Buggy competitions as a driver and ambassador of the Polaris brand .

He also participated in the “Morocco Desert Challenge 2019” with more than 3000 km on the clock. Axel is determined to show everyone that nothing is impossible and prepares for his departure to Dakar Rally 2020 .

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Side-by-Side Races


Second in the international Pont-De-Vaux competition (France)


Winner of the British Enduro Championship (UK)


Winner at the international Pont-De-Vaux competition (France)


Qualification during the Rally of Morocco for the participation of Dakar 2020

2020 – Winner of Dakar Rallye Standard SSV category - First Participation (7th in the general scratch)



1 Bronze medal in the 50m butterfly at the French Championships


1 Gold medal in the 50m freestyle at the French Championships

2 silver medals in the 50m butterfly and 400m freestyle at the French Championships


3 gold medals in the 50m butterfly, 50m freestyle and 100m freestyle at the French Championships

3 gold medals in the 50m butterfly, 50m freestyle and 100m freestyle at the Benelux Championships

French record in the 50m freestyle - 31’02s


2 gold medals in the 50m butterfly, 4X50m freestyle relay at the French Championships

1 silver medal in the 100m freestyle at the French Championships

French record in the 50m butterfly - 32'85s

France record in the 100m freestyle - 1’06’42


France record in the 100m freestyle - 1’04’75


French record in the 50m freestyle - 29'69

Qualified for the French N1 Championships in Montpellier alongside the able-bodied with the aim of qualifying for the Paralympic Games in September in RIO.


French champion in different categories : educational / minimal / cadet / junior

Junior world champion

Professional motocross world champion


3 times European Junior BMX Champion

2 times BMX Junior World Champion

The film Holeshot by Axel Alletru

Release planned for 2025

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