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A modern and flexible experience

Axel Alletru offers you more than just conferences, he offers you an inspiring digital experience. The same effect as a physical conference but with fewer constraints for you. Convey the message YOU want to YOUR company.

The conference is an inspiring and unifying experience for your teams. This unique moment in the life of the company is a bubble of air that allows you to get out of the work context to transmit messages in an effective and impactful way. That's why we put our expertise at your disposal to make you benefit from a digital conference. In the best possible conditions.

Why a digital conference?


The speaker delivers his performance in a studio, with a production team to offer you a quality sound and image. Far from a simple webcam. The service is designed to promote clarity of speech and to make it comfortable to listen.


Wherever you want and whenever you want.


The live event can be replayed within 15 days of the event for employees who are not present at the time of the conference.


+ E-Book offered to all your employees
More accessible for you.

Conference format

Conferences duration : From 20 minutes to 1h30 Languages : French & English Intervention areas : France & International Modality: Digital & Physical

Allow your teams to take a step back and install a positive dynamic in your company. We offer you the possibility to transmit the messages you want through our intervention and at a lower cost.

The speaker delivers his performance in a studio supervised by a production team, favoring the quality of sound and image.

Although the service takes place remotely, interactivity is always present during the conference since you have the possibility of communicating and asking your questions via the chat.

Collaboration Modalities

Duration of the keynote

The duration of a keynote varies according to your constraint. The content can be adapted to your context so that you can deliver the key messages you want. Axel’s keynote can therefore vary from 20 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes.


Axel Allétru leads more than 40 keynotes every year and has more than 100 clients around the world. He travels all over France and around the world. The keynote can be given in French or in English, Physically or Digitally.


The keynote price includes the preparation and the presence. The price depends on the number of participants, the location of the keynote, the context and the physical and digital impact generated.

Please contact us for a quote.

Digital Visibility

By using Axel Allétru's services, you make sure to reach a community of around 30,000 people of professionals and general audience engaged on Axel's social networks. A promotional post could also be included in the proposal, thank you for consulting us.

A question about the conferences ?

What are the themes of your keynotes ?

In an authentic story, Axel tells us about his life story, the different experiences he had after his accident and his paraplegia, his success in walking again and his journey as a High Level Athlete before and after the accident. From this story, Axel underlines the different parallels between his personal experiences and the experiences a business can encounter, with the aim of inspiring and helping the audience to gain height and motivation. 

Resilience, motivation and surpassing oneself are the key words of Axel’s keynotes.

You therefore have the choice between the original format (see the extract from the conference in TedX format) or the contextualized format where you specify the purpose of your keynote and we adapt it to the messages you want to deliver.

Can we adapt the keynote’s content ?

We adapt each keynote according to the customer's requests. You are free to define the message to deliver to your audience, we adapt the course of the keynote so that your goal is achieved.

In addition to the keynote, is there a Question/Answer session with the audience ?

Indeed, after each intervention, whether live or on site, a time for discussion and questions is planned.

What are the terms for keynote’s booking ?

The interested company can send its request via the contact form or directly to contact@axel-alletru.comWe will get back to you to collect all the information concerning the keynote in order to make an appropriate proposal. 

On which platform do digital conferences take place?

The customer is king, we let you choose what you prefer. (Zoom / Teams / Meet…)


“I attended Axel's conference as a guest, I was impacted to the point of bringing it in as a gift for my colleagues. »

Monabanq  CEO

“Axel did us the honor of speaking at the annual general meeting in the Carcassonne region. Resilience, mentality and determination are great values that Axel represents and transmits. » “I attended Axel's conference as a guest, I was impacted to the point of bringing it in as a gift for my colleagues. »

Agricultural credit  Regional manager
Agricultural credit

Axel did us the honor of speaking for the PREC, in front of the decision makers of Cambrai. Mental, courage and determination are great values that Axel represents and transmits. An example to follow, an inspiration for our personal and professional life. Personally, Axel is modest, friendly and generous. A beautiful meeting !

Forever Living Managing Director France
Forever Living

A pure joy to listen to it, we come away different with a desire to deal with the relative difficulties of our daily life. Surpass yourself, move forward, seek the objective, Axel is the ambassador par excellence of these essential values. A beautiful meeting, a superb memory! Thanks Axel! I will not fail to follow your exploits on the Dakar

Lifestone General manager

We were lucky and privileged to have attended Axel's conference! An incredible story told by an extraordinary man (who is out of the ordinary!). We come out different, stronger. Definitely, there will be a before and an after this evening! Thanks Axel!

Sports Business Club Member
Sports Business Club

We are in professions where we can have drops in morale, less well, like in sport. Nevertheless, thanks to you, thanks to your story, thanks to the way of recounting your ordeals, my colleagues and I were able to understand that perseverance, desire, self-sacrifice are vectors of professional and/or private success. . Your conference is a real catalyst for desire. To finish Axel, you didn't know it was impossible, you did it. See you soon !

Quintésens Group Hauts de France Regional Director
Quintésens Group

Axel did us the honor of speaking for the PREC, in front of the decision-makers in Cambrai. Mental, courage and determination are great values that Axel represents and transmits. An example to follow, an inspiration for our personal and professional lives. Personally, Axel is modest, friendly and generous. A great meeting!

EventoCom Agency  Manager & Creator of tailor-made events
EventoCom Agency

The film Holeshot by Axel Alletru

Release planned for 2025

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