Adventure team building

Create a bond within the team by an unforgettable team building!

Fall into the soes of a real rally raid team alongside Axel Alletru, winner of Dakar 2020 in his category (SSV T3S)!

As a team, escape and live the adventure of a lifetime at the wheel of SSV buggy in the dunes of Morocco to discover the off-road driving. Experiment thrill in a beautiful landscape by making this place your playground.

The teams will be challenged on different race aspects (regularity and navigation).

Discover a local atmosphere by sharing Moroccan culture!
A typical adventure


Arrival with transfer (airport Errachidia to Merzouga)

Conference by Axel Alletru “Without resentment life” and dedication of his book “28 principles for bouncing back”


First SSV buggy day – discover

Back to the hotel


Second SSV buggy day – orientation challenge

Discover of the sporty driving in the dunes with Axel Alletru

Bivouac in the desert


Last SSV buggy day – regularity challenge

Back to the hotel


Transfer to the airport

The conference

Axel will talk about his career as a high-level sportsman before his accident and after it.

How did he manage to rehabilitate himself, to rebuild himself physically and mentally to relaunch his new career in handisport swimming.

He talks about his return to mechanical sports and his victory in a buggy at the Dakar 2020 against able-bodied drivers.

Axel traces the parallels between his journey and the journey that a company and its employees can experience.

Resilience, rebound, surpassing oneself, team spirit and commitment are the main themes of his conference to directly plunge the employees into the topic of the stay.

The rally raid experience

1. At the wheel of their buggy, your teams hike and learn by two how to drive on accessible, manageable and comfortable vehicles..
The teams start the first day by an excursionaccompanied by a guide and Axel Alletru. Then, they change their roles driver/co-driver if they want, to discover the different race aspects.

2. The second driving day is dedicated to a navigation challenge by exploiting means used in race situation. In these sectors, it’s the mileage differences with the ideal track that will cost the teams points.

3. Finally, they finish the experience by a regularity challenge by choosing an average to respect.The mileages in the different sectors will be penalized by points and the sum of which will determine the classification of the day.

The baptism
Your teams will discover the sensations of a sporty driving with a passenger baptism.

Axel will be at the wheel of his Dakar SVV and will make your collaborators live the experience of an off-road competition as in the Dakar Rally.


1. Explanation by Axel of the adaptations of his vehicle

  • The special pedals
  • How to change a punctured wheel despite the handicap
  • An adapted seat

2. Installation of the passenger

  • With the harness, helmet etc..

3. Let's go for the laps!

  • The passenger discovers the strong sensations of the sporty driving in full safety


Aventure globale

  • Illustrate the importance of acquiring new skills in a different environment
  • Manage resistance to change and innovation
  • Create a bond within the team
  • Boost morale and motivation at work

Baptême buggy compétition et conférence

  • Develop confidence and push limits
  • Encourage a competitive spirit in a fun environment
  • Boost personally and professionnaly to seek internal resources


Camel ride at sunset on top of the dunes of Merzgouga

DJ party at the foot of of the dunes of Merzouga

Collaboration Modalities

Duration of the keynote

The duration of a keynote varies according to your constraint. The content can be adapted to your context so that you can deliver the key messages you want. Axel’s keynote can therefore vary from 20 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes.


Axel Allétru leads more than 40 keynotes every year and has more than 100 clients around the world. He travels all over France and around the world. The keynote can be given in French or in English, Physically or Digitally.


The keynote price includes the preparation and the presence. The price depends on the number of participants, the location of the keynote, the context and the physical and digital impact generated.

Please contact us for a quote.

Digital Visibility

By using Axel Allétru's services, you make sure to reach a community of around 30,000 people of professionals and general audience engaged on Axel's social networks. A promotional post could also be included in the proposal, thank you for consulting us.

A question about the conferences ?

What are the themes of your keynotes ?

In an authentic story, Axel tells us about his life story, the different experiences he had after his accident and his paraplegia, his success in walking again and his journey as a High Level Athlete before and after the accident. From this story, Axel underlines the different parallels between his personal experiences and the experiences a business can encounter, with the aim of inspiring and helping the audience to gain height and motivation. 

Resilience, motivation and surpassing oneself are the key words of Axel’s keynotes.

You therefore have the choice between the original format (see the extract from the conference in TedX format) or the contextualized format where you specify the purpose of your keynote and we adapt it to the messages you want to deliver.

What are the geographical areas of intervention ?

We operate throughout France and throughout the world.

Can we adapt the keynote’s content ?

We adapt each keynote according to the customer's requests. You are free to define the message to deliver to your audience, we adapt the course of the keynote so that your goal is achieved.

In addition to the keynote, is there a Question/Answer session with the audience ?

Indeed, after each keynote there are 30 minutes of questions and answers with the audience. There followed a more friendly and intimate exchange with Axel at his stand.

A book dedication session and photo-taking can also be scheduled after the keynote.

What are the terms for keynote’s booking ?

The interested company can send its request via the contact form or directly to contact@axel-alletru.comWe will get back to you to collect all the information concerning the keynote in order to make an appropriate proposal.


« J’avais assisté à la conférence d’Axel en tant qu’invité, j’ai été impacté au point de le faire intervenir comme un cadeau pour mes collaborateurs. »

Monabanq  PDG

«  Axel nous a fait l’honneur d’intervenir pour l’assemblée générale annuelle dans la région de Carcassonne. Résilience, mental et détermination sont des grandes valeurs qu’Axel représente et transmet. » « J’avais assisté à la conférence d’Axel en tant qu’invité, j’ai été impacté au point de le faire intervenir comme un cadeau pour mes collaborateurs. »

Crédit Agricole  Responsable région
Crédit Agricole

Axel did us the honor of speaking for the PREC, in front of the decision makers of Cambrai. Mental, courage and determination are great values that Axel represents and transmits. An example to follow, an inspiration for our personal and professional life. Personally, Axel is modest, friendly and generous. A beautiful meeting !

Forever Living Directeur général France
Forever Living

Un pur bonheur de l’écouter, on en ressort différent avec une envie d’en découdre avec les difficultés toutes relatives de notre quotidien . Se dépasser, aller de l’avant , aller chercher l’objectif, Axel est l’ambassadeur par excellence de ces valeurs essentielles . Une belle rencontre, un superbe souvenir ! Merci Axel ! Je ne manquerai pas de suivre tes exploits sur le Dakar

Lifestone Directeur général

Nous avons été chanceux et privilégiés d’avoir assisté à la conférence d’Axel ! Une histoire incroyable racontée par un homme extraordinaire (qui sort de l’ordinaire !). Nous en sortons différents, plus forts. Définitivement, il y aura un avant et un après cette soirée ! Merci Axel !

Sport Business Club Membre
Sport Business Club

Nous sommes dans des métiers où nous pouvons avoir des baisses de moral, des moins-bien comme dans le sport. Néanmoins, grâce à toi, grâce à ton histoire, grâce à la manière de conter tes épreuves, mes collègues et moi-même avons pu comprendre que la persévérance, l’envie, l’abnégation sont des vecteurs de réussites professionnels et/ou privées. Ta conférence est un vrai catalyseur d’envie. Pour finir Axel, tu ne savais pas que c’était impossible, tu l’as fait. À très vite !

Groupe Quintésens Directeur Régional Hauts de France
Groupe Quintésens

Axel nous a fait l’honneur d’intervenir pour le PREC, devant les décideurs de Cambrai. Mental, courage est détermination sont des grandes valeurs qu’Axel représente et transmet. Un exemple à suivre, une inspiration pour notre vie personnelle et professionnelle. Personnellement, Axel est modeste, sympathique et généreux. Une belle rencontre !

Agence EventoCom  Gérante & Créatrice d'événements sur mesure
Agence EventoCom


Goal : 100.000 TREES by 2024

For each keynote organized with Axel Alletru, 10 trees are planted in a region in the world in collaboration with our partner Reforestation. But, Axel wants to go further in the engagement process. At the end of the keynote, Axel and his team distribute unique digital codes to people allowing them to plant a tree for free thanks to Axel !
Discover the # GOGREEN2024 project now !

Planted Trees

Contact Axel Allétru

Le parcours d’Axel Allétru vous a touché ? Son mental de combattant vous a fasciné ? Réussissez votre séminaire d'entreprise ! N’hésitez pas à réserver la prochaine conférence, Axel saura redonner la motivation et l’inspiration nécessaires à vos équipes pour réussir. Vous pouvez demander ses disponibilités en remplissant le formulaire de contact.

If you would like more information or have any questions regarding Axel's keynotes or partnerships, please do not hesitate to send us your requests.

* For all media requests, please address your requests via this form as well mentioning #media.

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