Back to school… This period is not always easy to approach. A period following the holidays which sometimes leads to a certain relaxation, and where a lack of motivation can be felt.A month has already passed and some of you may not have been able to resume easily.


The year is defined by several stages, going through the definition of objectives, points in the middle of the year, vacations, then finally the last quarter from September, very important to give a final boost in terms of motivation on this end of the year when sometimes a lot of things can be at stake, with a lot at stake.

The month of September is generally a time when many things are decided. A return to school is often significant and it is important to re-motivate the teams and re-mobilize them.


Mobilized and motivated teams

During this phase of the year, employees may feel weariness setting in: they have given a lot for more than 6 months already, and remobilizing is not always easy. Giving a boost by bringing your teams together is therefore very interesting in order to make them understand the issues present over the last few months so that they give their best until the end.


How to re-involve your teams effectively?

For example, seminars are very advantageous for motivating a team and uniting it in order to end the year on solid foundations. A time when you can offer your colleagues team activities, collective workshops, inspiring or motivating conferences... Through my conferences, I address the subjects of resilience, motivation and rebound with the aim of giving my testimony and to inspire, which allows the public to be encouraged one last time to seek out the resources necessary to invest as much as possible.


The reward, not to be neglected

Taking a general update and valuing your teams on what happened, the objectives achieved or not, or the progress of a project for example, is essential to maintain everyone's position and generate useful feedback for the following. To motivate and invest your employees, it is good to know how to reward those who have had a great start to the year and to revive those who have perhaps weakened or slackened. For example, “award ceremonies” in September allow companies to consider associates and promote them along the way.

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