The art of adaptation

It is difficult in these times to maintain a positive spirit. It’s difficult to say to yourself, for the umpteenth time, “tomorrow will be a better day”. Faced with this protracted crisis situation, we would be tempted to give up. Let things happen since nothing really seems to promise better days. However, a magic word can change the perception of the obstacles we face: adaptation.

Like all of you, my daily life changed overnight, a little over a year ago. My main activity, conferences, was first stopped, then resumed under certain conditions, then stopped again... Each new measure intended to protect the population represented a new hard blow. But if we slightly change our perspective on these new situations, we can see a fantastic opportunity to develop our ability to adapt.

After my accident, my first goal was to get back to my normal self, which was to walk again. I was aware that the road would be long, especially since the doctors could not promise me anything other than that I would regain the use of my legs. I believed in it as hard as iron. However, after having stagnated for two years, I came to the realization that miracles did not exist. With experience, I know that this is precisely when the stakes are greatest. I had to find solutions to a situation that I had not imagined. I had to be flexible and able to work around the problem to achieve a new goal.

Be aware that anything is possible

You have to accept that everything doesn't turn out exactly as you imagined. Or at least you have to be prepared. Tomorrow, anything can happen: everything can fall apart, or an incredible opportunity can present itself. The fact of not falling from the clouds when faced with a situation for which we are not prepared is a real quality. It is even a preliminary step to take a step back and understand this situation in the best possible way, to adapt.

Listening to others and yourself, the key to success

Today more than ever, let's adapt. Let's find the resources to stay on course while agreeing not to take the path initially imagined. One of the important components of adaptation is listening. An open-minded and attentive person will be able to cope. When a difficulty arises for you, take the time to stop: what are my qualities? and with these qualities, how can I get around the problem?

There is always a way out. Let's just take the time to find the best solution!


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