The difference, this essential tool for uniting a team

We are all different. Through our life experiences, our personalities or our ambitions, we all take our own path, without even having really decided it. This difference is what makes each of us unique. It is a way to stand out and not be like anyone else.

Many want to fit into the “mold”, this framework implicitly erected by society. All these codes push us to all look the same, for fear of how others might look at us. Differences can be frightening due to their rarity.

Difference, a strength

Since I was very young, I haven't really had a life like others. I quickly left school to devote myself to my passion which was motocross. My life didn't really resemble those of my friends. But this difference also made me strength, by confronting failure early in my life.

After my accident in 2010, I understood that a new life was available to me. I would no longer find the same mobility, but I would find some. I will never be world motocross champion, but I could participate and win a category on the Dakar. I was going to adapt.

Living daily with a difference means confronting derogatory remarks, physical obstacles or slackness. Or live every day with a difference, it's also about growing, finding solutions, being patient. This is what my disability taught me.

Additional motivation for its employees

This new perspective, this change in mentality, is what a person with a disability can bring every day within a group. By her difference and her ability to adapt to any difficulty, she will keep a positive energy essential to unite your teams. Accompanying a person who has difficulty moving or communicating can empower your colleagues and bring them together around a common objective. Through this strong and anchored team spirit, all of your objectives will find meaning in each of them.

It is not a question of highlighting one collaborator over another, but rather of use the qualities that one of them has developed as an example, just like good work done on a mission. Integrating a different person, whether they have a disability or not, will implicitly show the extent to which certain difficulties can be overcome with willpower. Because behind the impossible there is always a possibility!

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