Inclusion and disability at work: performance enhancers

Axel Alletru is a a high-level athlete. He was elected 12 times European sports champion in disabled swimming. 

Three years earlier, at the age of 20, he had become paraplegic, he was at the time one of the great hopes of French motocross. 

Axel Alletru trained with resilience and motivation to not only heal, but also become who he is today: a a high-level athlete and one ambassador of disabled sports

At a time sports speaker and speaker on disability, it completely shakes up the vision that we can sometimes have of disability in our society. He knew how to bounce back and demonstrate extraordinary surpassing skills. Her mental strength and resilience are an inspiration to all. 


While being speaker on disability he is committed to ensuring that disability is seen, not as a weakness but as a difference, a source of innovation and diversity. People with a invisible disability or visible, are confronted on a daily basis with situations that require them to redouble their ingenuity, combativeness and resilience. Through his disability awareness, he explains to us how he was able to look within himself for the necessary resources to get to where he is. 

L'integration of disabled people, particularly in business, allows you to capitalize on these strengths and make them rhyme disability and performance. L'inclusion and the disability at work are real progress activators and innovation. 



A sports speaker like Axel Alletru, motorcycle champion who became paraplegic at the age of 20, was able to overcome the trauma of his accident, regain his mobility to finally return to motorsport and become winner of the standard category of the Paris Dakar 2020 against the official and able-bodied pilots and this despite its disability !

His moving testimony appeals to the notions of self-improvement, adaptation, change management, resilience. It resonates with all stakeholders in a company to help them put their difficulties into perspective and to give them the courage and will to overcome their fear and cross the limits that often stifle their potential.

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